Alfa Property Group is an international group of companies that has been specializing  in the implementation of property transactions and the provision of services in the field of property since 1994.

The Alfa Property Group consists of ten companies. We are involved in investment implementation and the development of various projects in Latvia and Russia. The company is an employer of more than twenty property specialists.

The activities that are undertaken by the Alfa Property Group are aimed at expanding and maintaining its competitiveness on the basis of innovations, initiative, and a creative approach. Our main priorities are:
– profitability and credibility;
– mainly focusing on primary business type;
– development and growth;
– solving existing social issues.

The group’s activity in the property market includes:
– strategic analysis and the implementation of commercial projects;
– commercial real estate project concept development;
– development of commercial object network;
– rental of commercial space;
– solution of real estate object financing issues;
– smaller part of portfolio — exclusive residential real estate.

As part of the work undertaken by the group, our focus is on the needs of our clients. Our experience, reputation and our extensive network of contacts, plus regular analysis of the market situation and hunting down appropriate solutions, allows us to optimize our working procedures.

Offering high profitability and high quality services is the main objective of the Alfa Property Group!